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Double Sided Shoe Brush Sneaker Cleaner Spray Built-in Detergent Tank Refillable Ideal For Deep Cleaning

Double Sided Shoe Brush Sneaker Cleaner Spray Built-in Detergent Tank Refillable Ideal For Deep Cleaning

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Praise for our product


" Calling all fellow moms out there! With my hectic schedule, I barely have time to breathe, let alone clean everyone's shoes. But this little gem makes it a breeze! Trust me, if you want to save time and keep your family's shoes looking spick and span and make them do it themselves, this is the answer to your prayers! "

- Layla , New Orleans


" Wish I had this growing up , will make sure my kids get them for sure "

- John , Chicago


" Glad my coach gifted this on my first win ! Before every major game , brushee gives me the confidence to face the battle with squeaky clean shoes and it's all so convenient and well-designed ! "

- Ryan , Denver


" Worth every penny spent - life as a real estate agent is no joke ! This has , without a doubt helped have a clean shoe hus helping land bigger better deals , help my shoes look great no matter what the situation is ! "

- Josh , Houston


" I can worry less during my morning runs , I'm very specific about how clean my shoes should be ...

Really helps with my OCD "

- Simone , New Orleans


" It gets messy within seconds when I have my Fur babies around ! THE STRUGGLE IS REAL as a PET PARENTT , I wish I can give up on pets sometimes but not anymore , I mean seriously ! My friends compliment me and come to me for advice on how i keep my sofa clean - sometimes an easy-to-use product is all it takes to get the work done , this has greatly reduced the sludge around getting myself to clean up , I haven't even got the the efficient part !

Give this a try , you can thank me later ."

- Nancy, New York


Just Perfect !

This is a product I never knew I needed and I NEVER KNEW IT EXISTED ! Very grateful that my colleague forced me into buying this , I'd do the same for you if I could !

Thanks !

About the product

30 Day Guarantee

We stand by our products with a 30-day risk-free guarantee. If you're not completely thrilled with your order, simply return it for a full refund (no questions asked)


How to use this product

Remove cap from needed side and clean your shoe with ease - inbuilt spray to help you remove hard-to-remove dirt/dust .

How soon will I receive my order ?

5 to 10 business days - Usually arrives sooner unless our delivery partner is experiencing very high demand .

How does the return process work ?

Pl. shipi the product to [address] , after thorough checkup , we will refund the amount paid after the product purchased has been returned to our warehouse and inspected !

What do you mean by 30-day guarantee

If you're not satisfied with our product ( which very rarely happens btw ) , you can return the product wtihin 30 days of purchase to the said address to receive a refund after thorough inspection

What's your return policy?

We expect our product to be unused and without any scratches so that they can be repurposed / used properly and happily by the next person who happens to get it as we donate all returned products .

How do I get in contact?

You can reach us anytime at or can leacve a message in whatsapp at +19179858466

" It's obvious , you need this ASAP ! "

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